If you don't what so see or hear anyone during your annual getaway, this is the venue for you. All this lies against the ever-impressive backdrop of the magnificent Koranna Mountain in the Eastern Free State.

Our venue is a unique outdoor lifestyle, inspires a feeling of mystery and awe sense of real wonder not to be found anywhere else!!. 

Perfect venue for corporate days and team building.

Experience your 4×4 vehicle and have some fun with the family (Family team building)

A most enjoyable outing for the family, "a truly unique and unforgettable experience".

There are several beautiful natural areas, with plentiful vegetation, fauna & Flora, panoramic views, magnificent rock formations, Wake up to the sound of farm life and experience the tranquil atmosphere.

Our Lapa are supreme style, spaciousness & comfort for the enthusiastic nature lover, discover our secret!!!

Beautiful picnic spots, playground on site a paradise for children exploring a place full of trees and bird life provide hours of fascinating natural rock pools. Playing on an open lawn.

Relax and have a getaway in a private estate, Lots to do….. Plenty of time to do!

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Situated in the Korannaberg conservancy, if offers a unique eco-system.

Sweet and Sour vegetation growing form the east and west, meet on the Koranna Getaway KLOOF route. One of the most diverse habitats for flora and Fauna. With no less than 52 indigenous tree species, over 560 plant species;


The ordinary Taaibos, Gwarrie, Olienhout, Ouhout and Witstinkhout trees are found.
Under waterfall "Overhanging cave" you can witness a flourishing 450 million year old fern, 90% of these species are evergreen.

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On the birding side:

Korannaberg has a rich bird life and it is estimated that as many as 277 species can be found in the area. Endangered species such as the Black Eagle and Martial Eagle & Jackal buzzard are frequently seen.


The typical species are: Black Korhaan, Swansons Francolin, Orange river Francolin, Natal Francolin, Helmeted Guineafowl, Red Capped Lark, Rock pigeon, Bokmakierie.

Animal wild life:

Chacma Baboon (mountain baboon)
There are +/- 50 different species of smaller mammals such as Suricate (Stokstert meerkat) Rock Hyrax (dassies), ground squirrel, springhare, mice & hares
Ant bear (aardvark), Warthog, Porcupine. Black-backed Jackal.

Other game that may be spotted is the elusive mountain reedbuck, ribbok, springbok, duiker & steenbok.

Water life:

Bass, barbel and carp fish in dams.
Broadband-grass frog (common river frog)
Platanna etc …

Wild life in Miniature:

Millipede, Dung beetle, Grasshoppers & termite Scorpion


Puff adder, (Pofadder), Brounhouse snake, Mole snake, Rinkals. Skaapstekertjie.
Gecko, Blue gecko and many more..

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